Health and Safety
In the view of modern occupational medicine, the material lead is one of the most thoroughly researched metals. According to an independent study carried out by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) in Edinburgh, processing rolled lead does not pose a risk to health. Experience has shown, that the health burden caused by exposure to lead depends to a great extent on the operational and personal cleanliness as well as on personal conduct.
The following simple preventative measures when dealing with lead have proven their worth:

  • Wearing gloves gives good grip and protects against injuries and against contamination.
  • Hands must be washed before every contact with foodstuffs and before smoking.
  • If dust is present, it is necessary to wear a dust mask (at least dust class P 2). If lead smoke is generated, a combination filter (at least B1-P2) is required.
  • In addition, roofers and plumbers should ensure good ventilation when soldering and welding in enclosed rooms.
  • Lead is a compact, heavy material. Rolls over 25 kg should never be moved by only one person.

You can find information on working with lead in the workplace in the technical regulations on lead (TRGS 505).

Safety tips when working with lead