Standard products and special designs
The demands on the innovation capability of companies and the quality of products are increasing. New and higher requirements are placed on materials and lifetimes, supply availability, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility. Over its 60 years of business, SCHNEIDER has adopted these standards repeatedly, regarding them as challenges.

SCHNEIDER possesses modern and high-power systems for melting, rolling, manufacturing and forming lead. The manufactured lead sheeting and foils are of superb quality in their chemical composition, their surface quality and their edge condition. Permanent checks and ongoing external inspections guarantee the maintenance of high quality standards. This care and high quality, which lie far above the normal dimensions, were tested by RAL and awarded the SATURNBLEI Quality Seal.

Customers profit from short-term availability of standard dimensions and special designs.

Lead SmelterLead Smelter
Reversing duo lead-rolling millReversing duo lead-rolling mill
Slitting LineSlitting Line
Metal AnalyzerMetal Analyzer
Milling MachineMilling Machine
Water Jet CuttingWater Jet Cutting
Product Range

Casted Material
Casted weights up to 4.500kg
Rolled Products
Assembled coils up to 3.000kg
Rolled coils up to 4.500kg
Foils from 0,15mm thickness onwards
Sheets up to 100mm thickness
Corrugated rolls and cuts
Coated Products
Oneside or bothside coloured
Adhesive Technology
Laminated rolled lead with different supporting materials
Pressed Products
Machining according to drawings