Accessories for radiation protection
SCHNEIDER produces accessories for sound insulation and radiation protection in the drywall sector.

Schneider Protect-SK
Self-adhesive lead strips Self-adhesive lead strips are ideal for covering joints between plates as well as they are for a radiation safe screening of connections at flanking building components. The longitudinal edges of the plates are being screened with lead strips, which are directly fitted onto the support profiles. If transverse edges exist, the lead strips are being glued directly onto the radiation protection plates. The lead strips' thickness has to correspond to the lead sheet being used.
Radiation Protection Channels
Radiation Protection Channel Intersections and holes in a radiation screening require special procedures regarding the radiation protection. Wall box shieldings made of lead enable a gapless radiation protection even around sockets and switches. The lead thickness of the radiation protection channels is 3,0 mm. The material is available in designs simple, double and triple.
Self-Adhesive Lead Plates
Self-Adhesive Lead Plates Installing single plank walls in the drywall sector self-adhesive lead plates are available. They cover screw heads and nail heads to avoid any radiation leak. The standard diameter is 25 mm. The lead plates' thickness has to correspond to the lead sheet being used.
Schneider Bond
Schneider Bond - Spray Adhesive Schneider Bond is a transparent spray contact adhesive for bonding lead foils.
The spray adhesive is available in aerosol cans of 500ml (approx. 420gr.) and in pressure tanks of 17kg (approx. 20l). Schneider Bond has to be applied onto both sides and is bonding lead foils onto various materials quickly, strongly and neatly. The materials to be bonded need to by dry and free from dust and grease. The consumption depends on the porosity of the materials and the procedure of applying the adhesive. Using the pressure tank you can bond a surface of approximately 6 up to 8m² per 500ml content.
Standard dimensions

Schneider Protect-SK
Self-Adhesive Lead Strips
0,50x50x20.000 mm 
1,00x50x10.000 mm 
1,50x50x10.000 mm 
2,00x50x10.000 mm 
3,00x50x8.000 mm 
Schneider Protect
Radiation Protection Channel 3,0mm
Simple235 x 100 x 48 mm
Double310 x 100 x 48 mm
Triple380 x 100 x 48 mm
Schneider Protect
Self-Adhesive Lead Plates
Thickness:3,0 mm
Diameter:25 mm
Schneider Bond
Spray Adhesive
Aerosol Can500 ml
Pressure Tank17 kg
Further dimensions and design are available on request.