Lead plates
Lead plates SCHNEIDER produces lead plates for radiation protection and further industrial applications. Besides lead plates are frequently used as counterweights. Customers can select thicknesses from 0,80 up to 100,0 mm. The width of the lead plates can be up to 1.300 mm. The standard thicknesses are 5 mm, 10 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm. The cut and the processing are carried out according to the customer's request. Whether individual pieces or large quantities - SCHNEIDER will supply you according to your requirements.

For aesthetic reasons or for reasons of hygiene, lead plates can be delivered with a colour coating.

SCHNEIDER also produces lead sheeting as compounds with other metals. E.g. lead plates can be laminated on one or both sides with aluminum, steel oder inox. Thus lead sheeting benefit from the complementary characteristics of the respective material.
Standard dimensions

Rolled Lead Sheets
5x1.000x1.000 mm 
10x1.000x1.000 mm 
20x1.000x1.000 mm 
25x1.000x1.000 mm 
50x1.000x1.000 mm 
Alloy Pb 99,94 Cu
Manufactured to DIN 59610
Further dimensions and designs material on request.