Lead profiles
Toothed lead profiles SCHNEIDER supplies toothed lead profiles for large-scale radiation protection shields. Their advantage is, amongst others, that various thicknesses can be combined with each other. The lead profiles are continuously pressed and cut to the required length. The five different material thicknesses from 8 mm to 30 mm make flexible scaling of the required lead equivalent possible when laid in combination.
Being installed horizontally or vertically, the lead profiles are ideal for shielding walls and floors.

Using lead profiles an arbitrarily strong shielding, which can be installed easily and fast, can be achieved. Besides they can be machined as well. Thus exits the possibility of considering gaps for supply lines.
Standard dimensions

ThicknessWidthWeight per
running metre
8 mm100 mm9,1 kg
10 mm100 mm11,4 kg
15 mm100 mm17,1 kg
20 mm100 mm22,8 kg
25 mm100 mm28,5 kg
Length acc. customer's request.
Further dimensions and designs are available on request.