Lead wool
Lead wool SCHNEIDER delivers lead wool for radiation protection solutions. Areas, which are difficult to access or gaps in supply lines can be shielded by using lead wool. Lead wool has proven to be a reliable and above all maintenance-free joint-filling material. SCHNEIDER offers fine lead wool with a diameter of approximately 0,4 mm and rough lead wool with a fibre cross-section of 1,5 up to 2,0 mm. Lead wool is being sold in packaging units of 25kg each.

Lead wool is being used by the fire fighters as sealing agent. Lead wool is also used in tank accidents with leaking fluids in order to seal those.

Lead wool is continuously caulked in layers. The amount required is dependent on the joint size and the working conditions at the place of operation. The target density is up to 11.0 kg/dm³. After laying, the material forms a homogeneous layer of lead, thereby providing reliable protection against radiation.
Product Benefits
  • Flexible radiation protection material
  • Available in designs „fine” and „rough”
  • Easy processing

Lead wool „fine”

Lead wool „fine”
Diameter approx. 0,4 mm

Lead wool „rough”

Lead wool „rough”
Fibre cross-section approx. 1,5-2,0 mm
Twisted in ropes of approx. 1 kg

Packaging unit:

25kg packed in a box or bag