Schneider Classic
Schneider Classic - Saturnblei Schneider Classic is bright-rolled lead sheet. Due to its easy cold workability and long lifetime, Schneider Classic is the ideal material for connections and terminations in the entire roof area. In small sizes, Schneider Classic is used for chimney flashings, gutter and valley linings, roof apex caps and other weathering. However, this long-life and easily mouldable material is also superb for making roofs and walls. When it comes into contact with the atmosphere, the bright-rolled surface develops a matt-grey patina. Schneider Classic fits harmoniously together with other materials.
Tested quality with the RAL quality mark
Logo - Saturnblei Schneider Classic fulfils the strict requirements of the RAL Saturnblei quality mark. This quality mark represents a consistently and neutrally monitored high level of quality. It not only represents testing of the superb mechanical and chemical properties of the material, but also the recycling proportion of 100 percent.
Advantages at a glance
  • UV-resistant, waterproof, rot-resistant and unbreakable
  • Easy cold workability
  • Can be fixed without adhesive due to high inherent weight
  • The matt-grey patina fits harmoniously with other construction materials
  • Particularly durable product
  • Diverse range of products for delivery with almost unlimited storage possibilities
  • Material has proven its worth over centuries
  • 100 % recyclable
Standard Dimensions

Rolls of approx. 50 kg each
1,25x1.000x3.500 mm 
1,50x1.000x2.900 mm 
2,00x1.000x2.200 mm 
2,50x1.000x1.750 mm 
3,00x1.000x1.500 mm 
Rolls of approx. 25 kg each
1,25x150x11.800 mm 
1,25x200x8.800 mm 
1,25x250x7.000 mm 
1,25x330x5.300 mm 
1,25x450x3.900 mm 
1,25x500x3.500 mm 
1,50x450x3.300 mm 
Rolls of approx. 16,5 kg each
1,25x330x3.500 mm 
Rolls of approx. 12,5 kg each
1,25x250x3.500 mm 
Rolls of approx. 10 kg each
1,25x200x3.500 mm 
Further dimensions and flat material on request.