Schneider Color corrugated
"Pleated" flashing panel made of colour-coated lead sheet Schneider Color corrugated is a "pleated" flashing panel made of colour-coated lead sheet. The material is applied onto eaves-side connections of roof penetrations to roofing stones and tiles. The finely structured corrugated profile makes it easier to attach it to the appropriate roof cladding. Whether a connection for roof windows, dormers or solar collectors, Schneider Color corrugated is particularly easy to lay and can seal the roof corrugated pattern perfectly.
Product configuration
Product configuration Schneider Color
"Pleated" flashing panel made of colour-coated lead sheet with continuous prefabricated bending line The colour coating is highly UV and weather-resistant, and allows you to choose a colour matching the respective roof landscape. Schneider Color corrugated can be delivered in uni or bi-colour. The material is also particularly durable and 100 % recyclable. Schneider Color corrugated is also available in the designs with "continuous prefabricated bending lines" and "1/3 smooth surface".
Advantages at a glance
  • High ductility in a longitudinal direction
  • Flexibly mouldable
  • High wind suction resistance
  • Easy to work with
  • Can be fixed without adhesives due to high inherent weight
  • Colours available to match roof cladding
Standard Dimensions

Thicknesses 0,50/0,60/1,00/1,25 mm
Max. width 450 mm
brick red
similar to RAL 8004
similar to RAL 8012
similar to RAL 8019
similar to RAL 7021
Further dimensions and colours are available on request.