Schneider Color-SK
Self-adhesive flashing panel made of colour-coated lead sheet Schneider Color-SK is a one-sided, self-adhesive flashing panel made of colour-coated lead sheet. It is particularly suitable for sealing work between roofing and rising components. This material features high UV and weather resistance. The diverse colour hues available allow you to choose a colour matching the respective roof landscape. The highly-adhesive butyl adhesive layer allows easy and time-saving processing.

Product configuration
Product configuration Schneider Color-SK
Schneider Color-SK is easy to mould and is flexible in use. The adhesive system is not activated until the cover film is pulled off. The subsurface must be stable, dry and free of dust, frost or grease. It is laid according to the technical regulations issued by the Gütegemeinschaft Saturnblei e.V. for the processing of lead in the construction industry, and according to the guidelines on the packaging.
Advantages at a glance
  • Rational and economical metal solution
  • Optimum adhesion through highly-adhesive butyl adhesive layer
  • Easy to mould and flexible in use
  • Stable colour, optical high-quality coating
  • Highly UV and weather-resistant
  • Nearly all RAL colour hues are available
Standard Dimensions

1,50x300x5.000 mm 
brick red
similar to RAL 8004
similar to RAL 8012
similar to RAL 8019
similar to RAL 7021
Packaging unit:

1 roll in a box
40 boxes on one pallet

Further dimensions and colours are available on request.