Here you have the opportunity to download and to print out further product information. All the printed papers listed are available as PDF files. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. Depending on your connection speed, it may take a little while until the brochure has been transferred completely. Should you have questions, the SCHNEIDER team is happy to assist you.
Product information
Schneider Classic (PDF, 843 kB)

Schneider Classic corrugated (PDF, 938 kB)

Schneider Color (PDF, 612 kB)

Schneider Color corrugated (PDF, 708 kB)

Schneider Color-SK (PDF, 706 kB)

Schneider Color-SK corrugated (PDF, 773 kB)

Schneider Protect (PDF, 62 kB)

Lead-lined Boards (PDF, 189 kB)

VarioShieldPlus (PDF, 1,6 MB)

Lead Wool (PDF, 1,27 MB)

Lead Plates (PDF, 913 kB)

Lead Balls (PDF, 812 kB)

Patination Oil (PDF, 704 kB)

Safety Data Sheet Lead metall (Sheet) (PDF, 511 kB)

CE marking and Declaration of Performance
The new regulation for construction products EU305/2011 has come into effect. All products, manufactured by SCHNEIDER, which are subject to a labeling requirement, have the appropriate CE marking as well as a Declaration of Performance. They are provided here for you to download.

Identification Code of product type: 51
Product names:
Schneider Classic, Bright-rolled Lead Sheet in coils, thickness ≥ 1,25 mm
Schneider Protect, Lead foil for radiation protection and sound insulation, thickness ≥ 1,25 mm

CE_marking_51.pdf (PDF, 60 kB)
Declaration_of_Performance_201301.pdf (PDF, 1,2 MB)

Identification Code of product type: 61
Product name:
Schneider Color, Colour-coated lead sheet in coils, thickness ≥ 1,25 mm

CE_marking_61.pdf (PDF, 60 kB)
Declaration_of_Performance_201302.pdf (PDF, 1,2 MB)